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Dr. Medhavi Ambardar, Assistant Professor

Office: Albertson Hall 315

Phone: 785-628-4641


Medhavi joined the faculty at FHSU as a visiting assistant professor in 2017, and as an assistant professor in 2018. Her teaching expertise includes anatomy and physiology, ornithology, behavioral ecology and endocrinology.

She completed her MS research with Peter Dunn and Linda Whittingham at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and her PhD with Jen Grindstaff at Oklahoma State University. 

Current MS students

Erica Clark

Project: Historic and contemporary nest sites of ferruginous hawks (Buteo regalis)

Kirsten Granstrom-Arndt

Project: Effects of habitat and vegetation on avian communities and reproductive success within Cheyenne Bottoms

Leslie Watson (Psychology graduate student)


Current undergraduate students

Annie Hinds

Project: Antibiotic resistance and endocrine-immune responses to behavior

Chloe Musgrove

Project: Antibiotic resistance and endocrine-immune responses to behavior


Professor Claudia Carvalho, FHSU Biology

Dr. William J. Stark, FHSU Biology

Dr. Lynne E. Beaty, Penn State Erie

Dr. Adam Simpson, Penn State Erie

Dr. Jennifer L. Grindstaff, Oklahoma State University

Dr. Barney Luttbeg, Oklahoma State University


Haley Rau (undergraduate)

Project: Reproductive success of birds

Charlotte Straley (KAMS student)

Project: Coloration of grassland birds

Leslie Watson (undergraduate)

Project: Reproductive behavior of birds

Interested in joining us? Please send me an email at to inquire about current research opportunities.

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