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About Medhavi (the scientist)

I consider myself a behavioral physiologist. I am deeply interested in how the body does what it does, why those mechanisms evolved, and how physiological traits interact with behavior. I am also interested in taking an integrative approach to assess how physiology and behavior can inform conservation efforts. I value formal and informal science education. I have been involved in some great classes including a lab-based physiology course and ornithology. I frequently engage in science outreach and education as I am a strong supporter of science accessibility for all.

About Medhavi (the writer)

I have had the opportunity to write articles about scientific research geared towards the general public (see Science Writing for more information). I enjoy writing about science in this way, and I hope to continue doing it alongside my research.

About Medhavi (just Medhavi)

I love anything to do with nature and animals, and spent a couple of years after my undergrad working at a wildlife rehabilitation center and then at a small zoo. In my spare time, I love running, hiking, climbing, snowshoeing (most outdoor activities, really), reading as many fine works of fiction as possible, baking, and spending time with my sweet cattle dog, Quigley (pictured bottom right). I'm also what some might call a "bird nerd." I got hooked on birding during my undergrad ornithology class and love taking folks birding with me.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss potential collaborations, if you are interested in having an article written about your research, or if you just want to chit chat about cool science stuff in general. I'm open to all of it, and I look forward to hearing from you!




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